Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 09.06.18

Nike/ Kaepernick:
College of the Ozarks says their students will no longer wear Nike on their uniforms because they believe that Nike is being decisive by using Kaepernick in their ads. 

It looks like Nike's new Kaepernick ad was intentional- the data shows that the race, age, and political leanings of their customers line up with people who support Kaepernick. 

Social Media Hearing:
There was a protestor at a house hearing on social media and Rep. Billy Long starts auctioneering to drown her out. 

Domino's in Russia was doing a promotion where if you got a tattoo of their logo, you would get free pizza for life. They had to end it because so many people were getting tattoos. 

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel announced he isn't going to be seeking re-election. 

Trump Administration:
A person is boldly, yet anonymously, stepping up to say that they are purposefully trying to sabotage the Trump administration.

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