Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 09.07.18

New York Times Op-Ed:
A person is boldly, yet anonymously, stepping up to say that they are purposefully trying to sabotage the Trump administration.

Many think that it's John Huntsman who wrote the editorial, due to the writing style. He is denying it. But does anyone find it interesting that he is the ambassador to Russia. 

Kavanaugh Hearing:
Yesterday Corey Booker, in a move that shows he is running for 2020, announced he was going to release what he said were confidential emails- which was terms for expulsion from the Senate. Republicans did nothing to him. 

Come to find out those emails might not have been confidential- even though Booker lead people to believe so.

Opioids/ PDMP:
Even though Missouri politicians like Holly Rehder are pushing for a database to monitor your prescription drug use, because Missouri is the only state that doesn't do it... we are learning that the increase in opioid deaths from 2016 to 2017 insn't nearly as drastic as the year before. 

Cosby Show Actor:
Someone saw a former actor from The Cosby Show working at Trader Joe's and posted it on social media. Many are upset now, calling her move "job shaming."

Many offers are now coming in for him.

The unemployment rate is at a generational low- 3.9%

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