Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 09.10.18

While campaigning in California this weekend- he said that the amazing job numbers being reported today are the same he had in 2015. 

The Alamo:
The Texas board of Education has been advised to remove the word "heroic" from curriculum about the Alamo. They are saying the word is a "value-charged" word. 

Serena Williams was fined $17,000 over the weekend for 3 violations during a match. The majority of the fine was for calling the chair umpire a "thief." She is claiming sexism. 

Because of this infantile behavior by Serena Williams, the crowd booed Naomi Osaka for her win. Osaka hid her face and cried during her award ceremony. 

Politicians & Media:
Did you know the Obama administration actually made staff members take lie detector tests to see who was leaking information to the media? 

Michael Moore:
David Hogg was on hand to help Michael Moore to promote "Fahrenheit 11/9" in Canada 

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