Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 09.13.18

Hate Crimes:
A transgender was robbed by a date after having consensual sex. The story then shifts to make it sound like this may have been a hate crime because she was a transgender, not a robbery. 

There is a meme going around on social media saying that Kaepernick is kneeling for inequality and uses a photo of a Springfield man who they say only got 30 days for molesting a child... when he actually got 10 years. They then compared hims to a black guy who got 60 years for driving on a suspended license... but they fail to mention the judge changed it to 15 years of probation. 

Missouri U.S. Senate Race:
Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill is three points over Republican Josh Hawley in a recent poll. 

We are getting a glimpse into the tax returns for the two candidates.

Gas Tax:
Did you see what they did there? They said 10 cents more at the pump, but it's 10 cents more a gallon! 

Author of the Week:
From the Pit to the Pulpit is about the glorious redemption of broken lives

Springfield Symphony:
This Saturday the Springfield Symphony will kick off it's next season with the "what is the meaning of life?" classical concert.

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