Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 10.11.18

Missouri US Senate Race:
The latest polling numbers have McCaskill at 44% and Hawley at 45%. More independents support McCaskill than oppose her. 

There is another recent poll that shows Hawley is up 52%

The News-Leader is questioning President Trump's numbers when it comes to his rally in Springfield with Josh Hawley.

Yesterday Josh Hawley had a "scheduling conflict" with a rally in Springfield with a pastor (David Barton). Many believe the event was canceled because of what the preacher had said about gay people in the past. 

Kanye West:
The star is set to meet with President Trump today.

Yesterday CNN said that Kanye is President Trump's "token negro."

Author of the Week:
"In Jesus Is Risen, #1 bestselling author David Limbaugh provides a riveting account of the birth of Christianity."

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