Nick Reed's Must Headlines- 03.21.18

Austin Bombing:
A suspect who they believe was behind the bombings in Austin blew himself up in a vehicle this morning. 

Someone on Reddit is claiming to be the bomber- but we all know there is no filter on Reddit. 

We are constantly told that we can love whomever we want- but if you are married to multiple people, you could face 10 years in prison. 

Hate Crimes: 
A Scottland man faces jail time for teaching a pug to salute when he said "Sieg Heil"

Firearms in School:
An Alabama Representative is getting flack for saying that lady teachers don't want to be put into the position to carry firearms in schools. 

Payday Loans:
Yesterday a group of people called "Missouri voices of faith" said they agree with Rep. Lynn Morris' bill to cap payday loans at 36% because it "protects our families"... but Nick wonders why 36%- wouldn't something smaller help families. He thinks people just arbitrarily pick numbers.

Kinky Boots:
Kinky Boots is Broadway’s huge-hearted, high-heeled hit! With songs by Grammy® and Tony®-winning pop icon Cyndi Lauper, this joyous musical celebration is about the friendships we discover, and the belief that you can change the world when you change your mind. Inspired by true events, KINKY BOOTS takes you from a gentlemen’s shoe factory in Northampton to the glamorous catwalks of Milan.

Springfield Symphony:
This Saturday the Springfield Symphony will be performing Beethoven's famous Symphony No. 5

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