Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 01.03.18

Greene County Audit:
Greene County Sheriff, Jim Arnott, is suing the Missouri state Auditor because she will not release information about the whistleblower's complaint in Greene County. 

A petition is circulating to get the Missouri auditor into Greene County- even thought the commissioner have blocked her. If enough citizens sign the petition, she doesn't need the permission of the commissioners. 

  • Petition Signing Event. (Facebook Event)
  • Tom Martz will have a copy of the petition for listeners to sign out at our Friday morning live show at Brics Belgian Waffle & Panckae House in Ozark. Stop by between 6:30-8am for your chance to sign it. 

If you want to follow the latest on the Greene County petition collectors and their efforts, you can like their Facebook page here. 

Grand Jury:
The Muller Grand Jury had quite the interesting makeup of people. 

Tax Cuts:
Bills for the Missouri 2018 legislative session have been filed to reduce tax rates. 

Do Not Disturb:
Disney resorts says they will remove the "do not disturb" signs from the rooms in order to help prevent another incident like the Las Vegas shooting. 

Orrin Hatch:
Yesterday he announced he is going to retire from the Senate. Now people are floating Mitt Romney's name.

Hillary Clinton:
There seem to be contradictions inside the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. 

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