Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 01.12.18

Governor Greitens:
St. Louis Circuit Attorney announced she will doing an investigation to see if any crimes were committed with Governor Greitens' affair because it is illegal to snap a nonconsensual nude photo in Missouri and use it for blackmail purposes

Lawmakers from both sides of the isle are calling for Attorney General Josh Hawley to investigate as well.

Some of the national news organizations are highlighting that Greitens slapped her after she told the Governor that she had sex with her husband. 

The drama in the media about President Trump using the word "shithole" about countries like Haiti and Africa is why Nick thinks things can't get done in Washington D.C.

President Trump is denying using the word "shithole" but does admit to using brash language.

The media is glamorizing Russians who are coming to the United States to have anchor babies.

The United States statistically has the most bias news in the study of 38 countries. 

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