Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 01.16.17

Martin Luther King Jr.:
Some have hijacked the day honoring what he did to promote their own agenda... like global warming.

Governor Greitens:
He was set to go around the state to tout his tax plan but due to the revelation last week of his affair, he has postponed it. 

Some are wondering if this will hurt his political aspirations.

Over the weekend people in Hawaii were freaking out because they were sent a warning over their phone that North Korea was sending a missile their way. Celebrities couldn't help but blame it on President Trump. 

Japan actually had the same thing happen to them as well.

Senator Dick Durbin:
The senator believe that using the term "chain" migration is offensive to people who have ancestors who were brought over here in chains. 

Some say that Senator Durbin misrepresented President Trump's words during the DACA meeting- and that he didn't use the word "shithole"

Mark Wahlberg:
The left was all a buzz last week over the fact that Mark Wahlberg's contract called for him to get $1.5 million for doing reshoots while Michelle Williams didn't have an amendment for reshoots so she only got less than $1,000. Mark decided to donate the money. 

President Trump:
President Trump got a clean bill of health from the White House doctor, however some doctors who have never examined the president put in their two cents.

Rachel Maddow believes that the report may have been faked.

Greene County Audit Petition:
This weekend there will be multiple locations for you to sign the petition to get the county audited. 

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