Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 01.17.18

Greene County Audit:
The drama continues- Greene County commissioner Lincoln Hough thinks that the Greene County sheriff might be targeting him for going against the flow with the Greene County tax last year. (View letters from the Highway Patrol in the image section)

The Greene County Commission has agreed to work with the Missouri Ethics Commission however, they still will not with the the Missouri auditor.

If you would still like to sign the petition to have the county audited, there are a couple of locations the petition will be on Saturday.

President Trump:
While he was getting his health screening, President Trump asked for a conative test (since the left and the media say he is crazy.) Looks like he passed with flying colors. The media spent around an hour yesterday asking the doctor who did the physical about Trump- asking if he had Alzheimer's and more. 

President Trump kicked CNN's Jim Acosta out of the Ova

Governor Greitens:
As calls for him to resign ramp up, he posted to social media once again an apology for an affair he had.

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