Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 01.23.18

Government Shutdown:
The extreme left is upset with Democrats for caving during the shutdown.

There is concern there was a group of people from the Justice Department and the FBI who met after President Trump was elected to figure out how to work against him. 

How does this even happen?

There is a memo that Republicans are trying to make public that will supposedly shock the American people about what the FBI was doing during the elections. 

The Governor knew the warning was a alarm, but failed to give an all clear. He said it's because he couldn't remember his username and password. 

MSU/ Tinder:
A guy who accidently swiped the wrong way on a dating app went looking for his "Claudia" in the MSU database so he emailed all 22 Claudias. Somehow this has become news. 

This story has gotten so crazy that even a local store is getting involved.

Missouri Senate Race:
The media is going after a Missouri Republican candidate for Senate after he dared to compare liberal women politicians to villains in Disney. 


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