Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 02.07.18

President Trump is planning with the Pentagon a military parade.

Missouri Special Elections:
There were 4 special elections in Missouri yesterday. Three went to Republicans and only one to Democrats- but for some reason the media is focusing on just one and claiming it's trouble for the GOP.  Headlines can be deceiving. (Did we mention it's the St. Louis metro- do we expect anything different from that area?)

Rep. Adam Schiff:
California Democrat Representative Adam Shiff pushed back against the FISA memo release. He was pranked by Russian radio hosts and they promised him compromising information on President Trump. 

Governor Eric Greitens:
A Grand Jury will now investigate the Missouri Governor, Eric Greitens, and his affair he had before he was elected. They are looking into claims of blackmail.

Government Shutdown:
Rand Paul has an idea that would keep the government shutdown from becoming a political tool- keep the government open- but reduce spending. 

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