Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 02.09.18

Government Shutdown:
This morning at midnight the Federal Government shut down once again. Legislatures pulled an all nigher to keep the government shutdown brief. Rand Paul was leading the charge to keep the politicians accountable for their out of control spending- 

North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis called what Rand Paul did "theater"

City of Springfield:
The City will pay $28,000 to a company to help recruit a new city manager. 

Burger King:
Burger King lets managers eat a meal for free during their shift. To meet federal regulations, they had to tax the employee for the free meal. To keep the financial burden off the employee, they charged them "cost" and not what a consumer would pay. The state of Arkansas said no way.

U.S. Speedskater Shani Davis is upset that he wasn't chosen to carry the American flag in the opening ceremonies. He took to Twitter to complain and used the hastag Black history month.

Missouri Legislation:
House Bill 1880-Declares the intent of the general assembly to facilitate and encourage development of fiber optic infrastructure by rural electric cooperatives

There is a debate that heated up in Jefferson City this week about utility laws- dealing with rate hikes and infrastructure.  

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