Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 02.20.18

Evolution of firearms 

Should we all change who we are because of what others do? Remember the church shooting when the man had a photo with the Confederate flag? American then got rid of the Confederate flag and monuments. Is that what's going to happen with firearms?  Now people are condoning a small town right here in Missouri. The Neosho baseball team is raffling off a riffle, and now people are outraged.

There is also a scheduled protest in Springfield to talk about banning guns and having strict gun control in the city, and across the country. 

Texting and driving

A Springfield lawmaker is wanting to ban texting and driving. Senator Bob Dixon wants to crack down on drivers who don't put down their phones. The problem with this bill is that it would also get rid of Google Maps, Siri, and more. 

Michael Moore 

Filmmaker Michael Moore, who is has accused Donald Trump with colluding with the Russians, has apparently posted photos of him going to anti Trump protest... That was organized by Russians. 

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