Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 02.22.18

CNN "town hall" meeting // Russian Bots

Last night, CNN held a "town hall" meeting that hosted Dana Loesch, Marco Rubio, Parkland high school students, and more. Although it was suppose to be an informational debate where everyone got to speak their part, it was turned into a metaphorical blood bath of supporters of gun rights, and republicans. 

CNN also told the school students to have S C R I P T E D questions, instead of actually write out their own questions. What's the point of having a town hall debate, if you can't get the answers you really want. 

CNN has really outdone themselves these past couple of weeks. Not only did they handle this town hall meeting in poor taste, but they also recently called out an elderly woman who was a supporter of Trump for allegedly sharing a post from a Russian bot... HOWEVER, CNN has also been accused of sharing Russian bots. 

Author of the week

Author of the week is John Baker, author of How to Get Illegals to go Home. Baker talks about some of the key items in his book, and where you can purchase it.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders was on radio earlier this week. The show host decided to question him about the Russian bots supporting his presidency. What did Sanders have to say about the whole issue? He denied it. 


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