Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 02.23.18

Eric Greitens: 

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens says he didn't commit a crime after he was indicted by a grand jury in St. Louis. The indictment is on a felony invasion of privacy, stemming from an affair he had with his hairdresser three years ago. 

Illinois Governor:

 Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is currently under fire, after drinking a glass of chocolate milk to represent diversity.  Tyronne Stoudemire, who came up with the stunt, says many have been using the chocolate milk stunt for 16 years as a simple way to illustrate the lack of diversity

The Locke and Smith Foundation:

Does the media write scripts for the young victims that go on TV? Or are they actors? Tom and John show an audio clip of a student that is speaking out against Trump, and take note of how he speaks and addresses the cameras. 

How to HARDEN your home against crime seminar:

Matt Canovi and Luke Davis will be hosting a how to harden your home against crime seminar. The seminar will be on Tuesday, at Classic Rock Coffee from 6-8 p.m, and is free to the public. 

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