Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 02.26.18

Governor Greitens:
Last week Governor Greitens was incited by a gand jury for felony invasion of privacy for allegedly taking and transmitting a nude photo of his former lover. Republicans. Today lawmakers will reconvene and discuss possible impeachment charges. 

This comes at an interesting time because a former male stripper who was charged for secretly filming lovers is asking for a pardon from the Governor. 

Florida School Shooting:

Broward County’s sheriff was on CNN last night after calls for him to resign after the way his officers handled the school shooting and Nikolas Cruz.

Nick found this article about the sheriff an interesting read...

Since the shooting there have been a record number of people attending gun shows in Florida.

Poo Problem:
San Francisco has such a problem with poo that it is costing millions to clean it up. 

A student had law enforcement come to his home after someone complained a math symbol looked like a firearm.

How to Harden Your Home against Crime:
Tomorrow Matt Canovi of "The Gun Show" and Luke Davis from Forrester Tech will be holding a seminar on ways you can use technology to protect your home and family.

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