Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 02.27.18

Governor Greitens:
A bipartisan committee was formed to look at possible impeachment charges against Governor Gireitens. 

After backlash on social media, many companies have decided to walk away from the NRA. 

Georgia is threatening to take away tax credits from Delta if they stop supporting the NRA.

FedEx refuses to back down of their support for the NRA. 

There are numerous bills right now in the Missouri Capitol that would change laws in the state regarding firearms. 

Vehicle Property Tax and Inspections:
Wallethub just released new data about the states with the least and most property tax on vehicles.

Missouri Representative Elijah Haahr has proposed changes to the way Missourians are taxed... included changes at the DMV.  

There are only 16 states that require state inspections on vehicles and one lawmaker is looking at eliminating these inspections.

Maxine Waters:
She is one again talking about Democrats trying to impeach President Trump. 

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