Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 03.08.18

Women's Day:
Today is Women's Day and McDonald's is celebrating women by flipping their iconic M. 

Beer company Brew Dog also tried to celebrate Women's day- but they are getting backlash.

Greene County:
The county is looking to hire someone new for the position of communications director- after it was vacated by a whistleblower to the county.

If you'd like to talk to Greene County Presiding Commissioner- Bob Cirtin- he is holding a town hall meet and greet.

Springfield Council:
The Springfield council has appointed a new council person for Zone 4.

Matthew Simpson was announced as the winner of the News-Leader's "Captain Springfield" award in 2016. 

2018 Candidates:
A woman who is running on the Democrat ticket for Governor of Wisconsin released a campaign video where she is breastfeeding her daughter. 

There is a guy running as a democrat in Illinois who mentions he is a veteran and worked for the FBI- but that's not really the case... but he seems to be justifying all of his claims.

North Korea:
President Trump's tough love with North Korea is the same approach President Reagan had with the Soviet Union. Remember when the media said that Trump would start a nuclear war with North Korea? 

Nick Reed:
If you missed his appearance on KOLR 10 last night, you can watch the video here. 

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