Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 03.09.18

It's a tradition in Savannah for women to kiss members of the military on St. Patrick's day and the Army wants that stopped. 

North Korea:
President Trump has agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un!

The first year of the Trump presidency was leak after leak- and there was no concern... but now because it's a Democrat that is the focus of the leak there is freaking out?

Bob Cirtin:
Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Cirtin is running for re-election, admits the investigation into the county, and will be doing a tour. 

Sexual Harassment:
A California state senator is getting in trouble for hugging. Several women have stepped forward saying that he makes them feel uncomfortable.

Missouri Lt. Governor:
With everything happening with Governor Greitens- some wonder what would happen if Lt. Governor Parsons took over the job and who would fill his vacant seat. 

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