Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 03.13.18

Hillary Clinton:
Hillary Clinton was in India and took the time to slam white women voters who voted for President Trump, saying that they didn't do it of their own free will- their husband, boss or son pressured them to vote that way. 

Hillary couldn't seem to find her footing while in India...

The View:
Joy Behar recently said that she thinks Vice President Pence had a mental illness because he belies that Jesus talks to him. After the show she called Pence and asked for an apology- he said she should apologize on air to all Christians.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, says he plans on filing a lawsuit against "big oil" because they have known since 1959 that fossil fuels would cause global warming and kill people.

Does Schwarzenegger remember that he took his jet to work every day- causing as much pollution every day as a families car does in a year!

You think this story would be nationally covered... oh, but wait... he is what everyone on the left loves. 

Special Election:
All eyes are on Pennsylvania.

Students past use of social media is coming to get them.

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