Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 03.16.17

Travel Ban:
A judge has blocked President Trump's second attempt at a travel ban. 

Springfield Safety:
A woman said that two men approached her at the Walmart on South Campbell and the situation made her uncomfortable. 

Beauty and the Beast:
Everything you see about the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie is about the gay moment and the director says he's sick of that particular part of the film being the focus. 

The film will not be shown in Malaysia because of the gay moment. 

Residents in Missouri are getting checks in the mail that claim to be from Walmart- but are actually a giant scam. 

Springfield Mayor:
Krisiti Fulnecky is running for Springfield's Mayor and was in studio this morning with Nick Reed. 

Ken McClure is running against Kristi

Check out the entire sample ballot for the April 4th election here... 

Climate Change:
Scientists believe that global warming could shrink horses to the size of cats.

A 19-year-old was killed in Navasota, Texas when she was struck by a train during a photo shoot. 

Author of the Week:
Author Michael Finkel writes the story of hermit  Christopher Knight- who lived by himself for over 20 years. 

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