Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 03.19.18

Missouri August Primary:
Dennis Lee Chilton registered to run in the state representative seat 135 as a Democrat. He then changed his tune and registered to run as a Republican. Now both parties are confused as to where this guy stands. 

This is why the Christian County Republican Central Committee is now vetting candidates who are putting a (R) next to their name in the primary election. 

Tax Cuts:
Republicans are talking about phase two of tax cuts- which would make them permanent. 

Missouri Ethics Commission:
Three people who held a spot on the Missouri Ethics Commission's spots expired on March 15th. Now there are concerns about what will happen to complains filed- even ones against the governor. 

Hillary Clinton:
Hillary is now trying to backtrack on her comments about women voters while in India

While on her visit, she fell in the bathtub and hurt her wrist. 

Three students in Arkansas were paddled for walking out of school last week.

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