Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 03.20.18

Live PD:
This weekend was the first of many that the TV show "Live PD" was in Greene County and it didn't disappoint. 

The media is trying to make it seem like President Trump did something wrong with getting information from social media when it comes to the election- but it's something that Obama did as well. 

Dee Wampler's granddaughter lost her fight with cancer last week 

President Trump:
A New York Democrat congressman, Tom Suozzi, was at a Q&A and suggested that the 2nd Amendment was for people like President Trump so we can take up arms against him. 

A magazine at Bonita High in California depicted President Trump as a Nazi.

Comey/ Muller:
Nick shared an example when Comey and Muller really messed up- and how they create evidence to make what they believe true to be true. 

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