Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 03.23.18

Spending Bill:
Last night the Senate passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill, in a vote of 65-32, that was earlier passed by the House. The bill needed 60 votes and will fund the federal government till September.

The "pro-life" Republican Party voted to fully fund Planned Parenthood.

Republicans also rejected President Trump's cuts to the EPA

Nick is questioning what the Republican Party is doing...

President Trump is threatening to veto the omnibus bill.

Dr. John Lilly of the Locke & Smith Foundation had an article published regarding prescription drugs

Student Walk Out:
Students in Springfield were on spring break during the national walk in support of stronger gun legislation, so they are walking out today. Springfield schools say there will be no consequences to students.

Central High school decided to have a forum, instead of doing a walk out. 

A brother and sister from Kickapoo are asking students not to walk out.

CitiGroup Bank announced that it will put restrictions on businesses that use their bank that sell guns.

Governor Greitens' trial:
This trial has the feeling of a witch hunt- there seems to be no evidence. 

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