Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 04.04.18

YouTube Shooter:
It seems yesterday's shooter at YouTube's HQ,Nasim Aghdam, was upset over a filter that the company was using on her videos to cause videos to go down. 

When the news was breaking CNN mentioned they thought she might have been a disgruntled lover and that was the reason for the shooting? 

Her parents tried to warn law enforcement...

Donald Trump Jr. posed an interesting question after the YouTube shooting. 

Caravan of Immigrants:
Someone told the caravan of immigrants that President Trump is planning on dropping a nuclear bomb on them. 

Movie Ratings:
On KSGF there are ads for the new movie "Chappaquiddick." Many have noticed that during the end when they talk about why it's rated PG-13 they talk about "historic smoking" 

Late last year the American Heart Association tried to get smoking in movies pushed up to an R rating.

Melania Trump:
If a conservative made fun of someone's accident like Jimmy Kimmel did- it would be hell to pay. 

CNN will not stop talking about President Trump's love life and how bad he is- but they called JFK's love life "legendary"

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