Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 04.16.18

Governor Greitens:
Three Missouri state Senators sent a letter to President Trump asking him to ask Governor Greitens to step down from his role over the state.

Nick finds Senator Bob Dixon's comments on Governor Greitens interesting- especially compared to his comments on Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

Greene County Commissioner Bob Cirtin:
During a town hall meeting Greene County Commissioner Bob Cirtin lost his cool.

It looks like a special prosecutor will be assigned to oversee if Greene County commissioners broke the law when it came to the November sales tax vote- misusing county resources to campaign for the tax. UPDATE: the prosecutor named is Amy Fite- the prosecuting attorney for Christian County 

Remember the girl from a few weeks ago that was sent to the school nurse because she wasn't wearing a bra- and then the nurse gave her bandaids? Well she is holding a no bra day today.

City of Springfield:
The city has questions of you when it comes to the next city manager. 

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