Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 04.17.18

Senator McCaskill:
Senator McCaskill took to social media to reveal that some lawmakers are getting pressure from donors that they will not get financial backing if they don't support Governor Greitens.  

David Hogg:
David Hogg is watching his fame slowly start to slip away, so he is teasing a new boycott.  Coming soon...

History Books:
There are new AP textbooks making their way into schools called “By the People: A History of the United States” that are clearly anti-Trump and questions his mental stability as well as his supporters. 

They have found themselves in a little bit of a pickle with their supporters after two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia store after they had been sitting around without ordering something. 

"A false alarm led to Syrian air defense missiles being fired overnight"

Youth Voters:
It looks like even with all of the political noise out of place like Florida with the youngest voting age group, this isn't translating to registered voters.  

Greene County:
Christian County Prosecutor Amy Fite has been assigned to determine whether Presiding Commissioner Bob Cirtin violated the law with the sales tax on the November election.

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