Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 04.18.18

Governor Greitens:
Yesterday Attorney General Josh Hawley said that Governor Greitens unlawfully used a list of donors from his charity Mission Continues. 

After yesterday's revelations, between this issue and the issue of the affair, more Republicans are stepping forward asking Governor Greitens to step down. 

Some are upset and believe that Josh Hawley is just using his office for political gain- since he is running for U.S. Senate. Hawley however isn't the Republican pick as of yet. There is a primary in August. 

A Kansas City Democrat has filed an impeachment process against Governor Greitens.

Airplane Nightmare:
Yesterday a Southwest Airline flight from New York to Dallas had an engine blow and created a hole in the plane. One lady lost her life after almost being sucked out of the plane. 

Stormy Daniels:
The relationship between President Trump and Stormy Daniels has always been talked about like it's consensual- but the media is still obsessed with her story. She is now saying that someone threatened her about revealing the relationship, and she has released a sketch of the man. There is now a reward if you can name him. 

James Comey:
He was on with Stephen Colbert last night.

Nikki Haley:
A White House advisor said that Nikki Haley might have had a moment of confusion when it comes to Syria and sanctions against Russia- she then fought back. 

They are closing 8,000 stores in late May for racial-bias training.

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