Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 04.21.17

A known extremist, who was on the terrorist watch list, opened fire on officers last night. ISIS is taking claim for the attack. 

President Obama had a phone call with a French Presidential candidate before the election that begins this weekend. Doesn't this sound a little like meddling in other country's elections? 

Fake News:
The Patriots called out a New York Post reporter for a tweet comparing the Patriot's visit to the White House from 2015 versus 2017. Come to find out the 2015 picture has player and staff but the 2017 picture only has players. 

Kristi Fulnecky:
Bon Tindle, a Springfield activist and self-described "political operative," is leading a group of citizens in a recall effort of Springfield councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky because of her poor leadership skills. 

Former Mayor Bob Stephens:
Former Springfield Mayor Bob Stephens will be hosting a Drag Bingo event Sunday night at Touche Nightclub. 

Braden Burson, a Colorado Starbucks barista, posted a video online telling people to stop ordering the company's special Unicorn Frappuccino. 

Ann Coulter:
Berkeley said that Ann Coulter can't come to their campus next week, like originally planned, but they countered back with the date of May 2nd. 

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