Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 04.24.18

Eric Greitens: 

There is news about the ex-husband of the woman who had an affair with Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. The ex-husband's attorney says that he received the two anonymous $50,000 payments that went toward the man's legal fees. 


Yeti has had an eventful 24 hours. Yeti has cut ties with the NRA, and has released a statement saying they are cutting ties with several companies and had nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment. 

Oklahoma teacher:

One Oklahoma teacher took a student during a teacher walkout off campus, and had sex with him multiple times. Keri Hoffman is a 35-year-old middle school algebra teacher, told police earlier this week that she had sex multiple times with a 15-year-old student including during the ongoing teacher walkout in the state.


Phantom of the Opera is coming to Springfield, and Nick wants you to vote for him! The cast of Phantom is now letting one radio personality to walk on and have a part in the play. Nick wants you to vote for him! 

The "GREAT" outdoors:

Everybody needs fresh air, right? Apparently not Penn. State students though. Penn State now says wilderness is too risky for outdoors clubs, and that those clubs will be held inside. 


Finland decided several years ago to have a base income for everyone. While the idea was meant to be good, many have taken advantage of the program, and it just hasn't worked. Finland officials have decided to pull the plug on the program. 

Mike Pence:

Mike Pence was suppose to stop in Springfield later this year, but the plug has been pulled on that event. Is it because of MO Gov. Eric Greitens, and the recent issues that have surrounded him? 

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