Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 05.19.17

Trump/ Russia Ties:
They are trying to desperately connect Russia to Trump, so much so that they are now reporting that the United Arab Emirates set up a meeting between the head of Blackwater with someone from Russia... and this is proof. 

Did you see TIME's new magazine cover?

Health Care:
For the Senate to only need a simple majority to pass the health care bill they need it to be revenue neutral- so the House is waiting on the CBO numbers before they send the bill along. 

Impeach Trump:
The media seems to be more active is trying to remove Trump from office than the Democrats are. 

Net Neutrality:
People who are protesting for equality and freedom on the internet are also calling for the ban of Drudge Report. 

Missouri Legislative Session:
Governor Greitens has called a special session to start Monday to bring a steel mill to Missouri. 

Anthony Weiner:
Anthony Weiner is expected to make a guilty plea today in court for sexing a minor. 

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