Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 07.25.17

The Springfield council voted last night to pass a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program with a vote of 7-1. One of their reasons for doing this has always been about saving lives, however they turned down an amendment proposed by Fulnecky that would require doctors to use the program- which would in turn help save more lives, right? 

The local media is now calling out doctors who are writing large amount of scrips for pain pills.

Jeff Sessions:
Rumor has it that President Donald Trump is talking about firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

Christian County:
Yesterday Christian County sheriff deputies escorted the elected auditor from the building with all of her belongings. 


Three Square Market in Wisconsin is now offering microchips to employees to use as access into the building and buying snacks from break room. Right now it's a voluntary program. 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders:
The liberal left sure came out in support of a woman in a powerful role... oh, wait... 

A new Netflix show called "Ozark" dropped on Friday. The show takes place in Lake of the Ozarks, however it will filmed in Georgia due to tax credits. 

Separation of Church and State:
Rep. Luis Gutierrez told the congrigation at  Lincoln United Methodist Church in Chicago that Trump needs to be eliminated as President. 

Scientific Studies:
There are some pretty silly studies that have just been released. 

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