Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.07.17

Officer Shot:
Police are now looking for Ian McCarthy from Clinton who shot and killed a Clinton Police officer last night. 

White House Leaks:
The Department of Justice announced that their focus on finding leaks inside the White House wouldn't be targeted to journalists. 

Solar Eclipse:
There are now fake Solar Eclipse glasses, so be mindful of which ones you buy. 

Missouri Politics:
Express Scripts gave money to Governor Greitens for his inauguration and many questioned what they would later get in exchange for their donation. Now we are learning what they are getting. If it were a Democrat in office doing this, wouldn't Republicans be up in arms?

Lt. Governor Mike Parson is the only state wide elected official who took gifts from lobbyists in the first six months in office. $2,752 worth. 

Anthony Scaramucci:
The Mooch has been in touch with a Hollywood producer about doing something with his short-lived role at the White House.

More than 60% of Nissan workers in Mississippi voted against the United Auto Workers Union. 

Minimum Wage:
St. Louis tried to raise their minimum wage inside the city, but was told they couldn't do it. Now businesses are saying they will raise their pay for workers anyway. Didn't they know they could do this without the government telling them they had to? 

Tomorrow voters in Kansas City will head to the polls to vote on a $10 minimum wage.

Last week the St. Louis chapter of the NAACP called out the national arm and said that their travel advisory would hurt businesses that were owned by blacks... but for some reason now they are falling in line. 

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