Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.11.17

North Korea:
China has warned America that if we make the first move that they will back North Korea, but if North Korea makes the first move- they will remain neutral. 

Republicans are considering changing up their tax plan to make it retroactive to help boost the economy. 

President Obama:
He is planning a big fall tour to help rebuild and create unity in the Democrat Party so they are ready for 2018. 

The Democrats may be facing a financing problem for 2018.

Illinois just passed a new state holiday- Obama day on August 4th. 

8 in 10 Americans think that President Trump needs to just make Obamacare work. 

A Wisconsin judge ruled that a Christian photographer cannot be forced to shoot weddings, or events, she doesn't morally agree with because she does not own a storefront- she is exempt from state law. 

Some schools have decided to start closing down on August 21st because of insurance/liability reasons. 

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