Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.15.17

Charlottesville/ Confederate Statue:
Just like when ISIS tears down monuments, protestors on South Carolina tore down a monument of a Confederate soldier. 

Memphis is gearing up to sue the state of Tennessee because they have to get approval from the state's historical commission to remove a confederate statute. 

Local faith-based leaders with Council of Churches of the Ozarks held a town-hall meeting to talk about what happened in Charlottesville. 

In what they are calling solidarity with Charlottesville, protestors gathered outside of Trump Towers to tell President Trump that New York hates him.

President Obama took to Twitter after the Charlottesville event with a quote from Nelson Mandela. He is now being haled by the media. Where was this Tweet during Ferguson President Obama? 

Kid Rock:
A new poll shows that Kid Rock could beat the current Democrat Michigan Senator, 49-46. 

North Korea:
It looks like Kim Jong Un has backed off his threats to attack Guam. 

A radio station in Guam accidently sent out a nuclear missile warning.

Some are saying Kim Jong Un is just crazy because of his "roid rage"- due to steroid treatments for his gout. 

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