Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.30.17

President Trump's Springfield Visit:
The Springfield-Branson National Airport is asking people to please not come to watch Air Force One to land because of security. Instead, you will be able to watch it happen live here....

Senator McCaskill:
Senator McCaskill is going around Missouri holding town hall meetings and they are almost laughable. 

Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal:
Missouri Senator Bob Dixon used scripture to explain why he believes that we should just leave Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal alone after saying on social media she hoped someone assassinated President Trump. 

Hurricane Harvey:
A furniture store owner in the Houston area opened up his doors to people that needed a place to stay because their homes were flooded. 

Yesterday President Trump was in Texas checking out the damage of Hurricane Harvey. The media couldn't help but find something criticize- the first lady's attire. 

A CNN reporter got more than she expected from a person at a Houston shelter. It's a great watch- but warning it's a little vulgar. 

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