Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.31.17

President Trump's Visit:
A video has gone viral of the President's motorcade leaving the rally and a rouge vehicle driving out of the woods. Watch it here... 

The CEO of JP Morgan Chase wrote an article that Nick Reed found interesting. 

KC Serial Killer:
When covering a serial killer in Kansas City it was never mentioned that all of the victims were white men. Now that they have arrested the guy linked to the killings we are learning more about him- including the fact he wanted to "kill all white people." 

Republic Police Department:
The Republic Police Department was able to catch a scammer because his reflection was in a photo!

There is talk of remaking "Lord of the Flies" with an all female cast and some are mad that the writers and directors are men. 

Author of the Week:
"Blood, gunfire, and whiskey: they are the three things that defined Civil War battlefields."

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