Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 10.05.17

Springfield Pit Bull Ban:
Residents who are upset about the pit bull ban have already ask the City of Springfield for paperwork for an official petition to repeal the ban. 

Citizens against breed specific legislation will be holding a meeting tomorrow night. 

Every pit bull inside the city of Springfield will need to be registered before the January 1st deadline, even with the petition initiative in process. If the petitioners get the signatures needed there are 2 options- the city could say "oops," and repeal the ban (which doesn't seem likely right now) or it will go to a vote- and the earliest the vote can take place is is after the January 1st deadline. 

If you are against the ban on pit bulls you are asking to not just sign the petition, because it is not an official one.

Springfield Food Truck Park:
It appears that the food truck park will be dissolving soon. They have had some issues with the City of Springfield and new requirements certain infrastructure. 

Author of the Week:
 We've gone from "Give me liberty, or give me death!" to "Take care of me, please."

I guess if you attend just one Klan rally, you aren't a racist... if you are Margaret Sanger. If President Trump were to attend one Klan rally- what would happen? 

Puerto Rico:
Geraldo Rivera, who is no defender of President Trump, defended his handling of Puerto Rico and the fake news of a cholera outbreak. 

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