Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 10.09.17

Great Escape:
This morning Nick Reed & Kortni Tucker announced their next trip! They are headed to the 2018 New Orleans Jazzfest 

This weekend Vice President Mike Pence was attending a Colt's game and ended up leaving because players were kneeling. 

Let the backlash begin... 

Las Vegas Shooting:
Yesterday Dianne Feinstein told the host of CBS' "Face the Nation" that no gun law would have stopped Stephen Paddock from his attack on Las Vegas. 

Christians are often under attack because their business will not serve the LGBTQ community- these businesses are often attacked by the media and those in Hollywood saying no one should be denied service. Now a gay coffee shop owner has kicked out Christians. Will there be the same outrage? 

A Satan worshiper set out to prove that abortion laws in Missouri violated her religious beliefs. 

The failure of Obama is the fault of the Republicans... 

Remember when racism used to mean that you hated any race besides your own and the rest were inferior? Now anything that offends just one person is racist... even when you are a Kardashian who is dating a famous basketball player of another race. 

Springfield Symphony:
This Saturday the Springfield Symphony will be performing their next performance of their "Revolution" series. 

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