Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 10.11.17

Harvey Weinstein: 

Since it's come out that Weinstein has been accused of abuse, celebs are now turning on each other. Some say the allegations are true, others say that people are just jumping on the bandwagon.

Also: Now other celebs are being accused of abuse/sexual assault. 

Donald Trump:

Iran deal update. Donald Trump is going to speak later today about the Iran deal, and what will be happening with it in the future. 

Josh Hawley: 

Josh Hawley has officially announced that he will be running for the US Senate. Claire McCaskill has already taken a few shots at Hawley. 

Donald Trump's First Wife: 

Earlier this week, Trump's first wife made a joke about being the real first lady. The media has turned it out of context, and is now making the joke into a bigger deal than what it really should be. 



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