Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 10.20.17

Tax Reform:
Senator Roy Blunt is trying to pump the breaks on tax reform. He is trying to push for this issue to come up in 2019 after the elections- so it doesn't cause a mess for Republicans who are up for election. 

Harvey Weinstein:
It feels like people in Hollywood are more than excited to tie themselves into the story, even going as far as admitting they knew the sexual abuse was happening but they hid it. 

Greene County:
They have a tax initiative coming up on the November ballot and they have begun to push hard. They are making it look like we haven't given them any money since 1984. 

Greene County is making semi-trailers into temporary jail cells. It's convenient the timing of them announcing this. 

The Hill has done an excellent job of bringing to our attention the link between Russia, bribes, nukes, and The Clitnons. 

The FBI ran an operation called "ghost stories" which tracked a ring of Russian spies in America. When the Clinton's found out about this- they tried to get the spies back to Russia before they were questioned. 

City of Springfield:
A citizen claims that Springfield cops came to her door after Springfield council felt threatened by her communication. This video is of her going to the police department to file a complaint. (This story is developing)

Amazon has been taking bids for the home for their new headquarters. Missouri has submitted that Amazon put one in both Kansas City and create a "high speed hyperloop" between that and St. Louis, that way we can have two headquarters.

If you don't get your tax return back next year, it's probably because of Obaamcare. 

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