Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 12.08.17

Governor Eric Greitens:
Some have called into question Governor Greitens and his staff members using an app that deletes messages after they are received. 

Al Franken:
Yesterday while Al Franken was addressing the senate about his resignation, there were some that were moved. 

Democrats are saying that their motivation behind asking Al Franken to step down was so they could try to regain the moral high-ground.

His speech felt a little self-serving and insincere. 

Sexual Harassment:
Arizona Representative was asked by Paul Ryan to step down from his seat after it was revealed he asked his female staff if they would be a surrogate for he and his wife. 

Alabama Election:
The Democrat in Roy Moore's election, Doug Jones, was passing out campaign flyers that said... “Think if a black man went after high school girls anyone would try to make him a senator?” People are very confused about what that message means. 

Service Animals:
Legislation has been filed in Missouri's capitol for 2018 to deal with service animals. Official summary: Revises the definition of "service dog" to include animals that provide support or therapeutic functions for individuals with psychiatric or mental disabilities

It seems like we are hearing more and more stories about service animals going crazy.

Missouri Legislation:
The "sore loser bill" has been filed for 2018. Official summary: Modifies provisions for write-in and independent candidates.

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