Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 12.12.17

New York City Attack:
Yesterday Akayed Ullah, who entered America on a diversity visa lottery, tried to detonate a suicide bomb in New York. The bomb pre-maturely went off and only injured the terrorist. 

These officers stopped the New York pipe bomb suspect. (KSGF)

Springfield Pit Bull Ban:
Last night the Springfield City Council voted not to repeal the pit bull ban. Because they refused to repeal it, because of a petition initiative, it will now go to voters. The election is set for August 2018. 

Some are questioning the city picking the date August 7th because the city charter says that after the council decides- they must "call a special election on the next date authorized by law for such election."  It looks like the next available election for a municipal election is April 3rd. 

Seatbelt law:
A Missouri lawmaker, Bill Reiboldt, has filed legislation for 2018 to allow police to pull you over for violating seat belt laws. 

Springfield is considering the same thing...

Roy Moore:
Today is election day in Alabama. The fate will be decided in Roy Moore's senate race. 

Kate Steinle
A vigil was held for Kate Steinle, a woman who was killed by an illegal immigrant. Some weren't very respectful. 

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