01.07 Dr. Poppy - Dr. Robin Pierucci Interview on Fetal Pain

The Dr. Poppy Podcast

  • Dr. Robin Pierucci: Dr. Poppy interviews Dr. Pierucci, neonatologist, to talk about different types of fetal paints.
  • Dr. Pierucci talks about her everyday job, and some of the tasks that she has to do. 
  • Abortion politics: Why legislation should listen to doctors, instead of taking a guess when they believe babies can feel pain. 
  • Dr. Poppy talks about different types of legislation, and when do babies actually feel pain. Is there a way to tell? Is each baby different? 
  • Dr. Robin talks about different cultures and religions, and their views on abortion -- and she notes that a lot of abortion discussions between these cultures/religions never involve the actual baby. 
  • How does Dr. Robin Pierucci speak to the younger generation about abortion, and growing babies? Robin says it's simple - speak about love. 
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