02.16 Quickies - Florida Shooting Update & Oprah 2020?

Nick Reed Podcast

  • Florida Shooting Update: The leader of the Republic of Florida, a white nationalist militia, had told reporters the suspect participated in the group’s drills, and was an active member in the group.
  • Local law enforcement has yet to find ties between the Republic of Florida, and the shooter.
  • Oprah 2020: I'm sure you've heard by now... Oprah 2020! Oprah wants to make one thing perfectly clear though... She will not be running for president.
  • Oprah talked in a recent 60 minute interview that she won't run for president because God hasn't told her to.  
  • Gun Control: Trump - In light of the recent shooting, many democrats are pushing for stricter gun laws...
  • Trump is now under fire for how he handled the gun control situation, however, Trump undid an Obama rule just days before the mass school shooting in Florida. 
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