05.27.17 The Gun Show: Freeway Ministries

Gun Show Podcast

  • Crime Stats: Matt covers crime stats around the city of Springfield and how it's getting even worse in the city. 
  • Illegal Immigrants: how many are really staying over? 
  • 600,000 came to America on visa stayed over on their time.
  • 11+ million illegals - about 40% total are all overstaying their visa. 
  • The judge talks about the confederate monuments in Alabama. Should they take them down?
  • George Soros is the one who made the monuments an issue?
  • Matt brings in special guests in from Freeway ministries to talk about the drug problem across the state, as well as across the world. 
  • What Freeway Ministries does for the community and why it's so important 
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