06.02 PODCAST: Liberal Media & "Mass" Shootings

The Gun Show Podcast

  • Crime stats: 63 calls for assaults, 22 calls for burglaries, and 17 calls for shots heard. These are just calls for in the city limits of Springfield, and just for one week. 
  • Recent attacks on freedom of speech: Is there attack on the Christian belief? Dee talks about several cases that are happening around the country that seem to defy religious beliefs. 
  • How to stay in the fight: You must stay up to date with what's going on around the world. 
  • Liberal Media & Mass Shootings: The judge talks about school shootings and how the media is overplaying it to insert fear of guns. 
  • 4 types of ammo: You must pay attention to penetration. 
    - Lead bullet.
    - The jacket (a covering around a lead bullet)
    - The jacketed hollow point. 
    -  Simi wad cutter. 
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