07.14.17 Nick Reed HR 1: Protesting The NRA

Nick Reed Podcast

  • Women's March: A protest against the NRA today. Why? 
  •  Letters sent to the NRA and Dana Loesch there is a lack of support for Philando Castile and people who are black and brown.
  • On July 14th and 15th Women's March Inc. plans to protest the NRA and Dana Loesh.
  • They will start their march in Fairfax, Virginia- home base for the NRA.
  • They will continue their march 17 miles to Washington D.C. and the Department of Justice. 
  • Why are they protesting the one group who is trying to empower women and 
  • President Trump tells Brigitte Macron: 'You're in such great shape'
  • People took offense and said that Trump was being sexist by saying this. 
  • Trump said, "You know, you're in such great shape...beautiful."
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