07.14.17 Nick Reed HR 2: The Locke and Smith Foundation

Nick Reed Podcast

  • PDMP:The Locke and Smith update us on the PDMP.
  • Earlier this week the Springfield City council took up the issue on a prescription drug monitoring program. Dr. Lilly from the Locke & Smith Foundation presented his evidence that the databases don't work.
  • Chesterfield Village: Resident's are still not wanting anyone to move into the Palace Theater. 
  • The Chesterfield Village Home Owners association is still fighting Life 360 Church from moving into the former Palace Theater building.
  • The building has yet to been zoned for the church to move in. 
  • Missouri Government: Governor Eric Greitens has several pieces of legislation sitting on his desk.
  • House Bill 34
  • House Bill 50
  • House Bill 51
  • House Bill 93
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